Cabinetry Samples

Colors to reflect your distinct personality.

Tap the color to view a sample room.

Extra White

SW 7006

Drift of Mist

SW 9166


SW 7012

Accessible Beige

SW 7036

Taupe Tone

SW 7633

Light French Gray

SW 0055

Classic French Gray

SW 0077

Sea Salt

SW 6204

Clary Sage

SW 6178


SW 6207

Ripe Olive

SW 6209


SW 7616

Slate Tile

SW 7624

Anchors Aweigh

SW 9179

Iron Ore

SW 7069


SW 6990

  • Standard paint and stain collection are available on any of our door styles.  
  • Wood cabinets and their finish are only as good as the care they receive.  
  • Finishes are carefully individually hand-applied, sanded, sprayed, and detailed.  
  • Wood, as well as finishes, vary in color and characteristics and will display changes as they age. Painted products may have visible cracking around joint areas as wood expands and contracts with temperature and humidity changes.