Care & Cleaning Guide

Your new cabinets have been installed, now what’s next?
Here is a simple guide on how to properly care for your cabinets.

Need to fight some grime?

  • Usually, a clean, soft cotton cloth or microfiber cloth for laminate and high gloss cabinetry- damped with warm water will do the trick.
  • For extra grime fighting, a mild solution of dishwashing liquid mixed with fresh, clean, warm water will take care of dirt and grease. After cleaning your stained or painted cabinets, wipe them down with a clean, damp, cloth and be sure to dry surfaces with another clean, soft cloth.
  • Laminated and high gloss materials MUST be dried with a microfiber cloth to avoid scratches.

Splatters and Spills?

  • Make sure to wipe them up quickly! Then, clean as needed with warm water or the mild dishwashing solution. Prolonged exposure to food, water, and other liquids, as well as grease and oil splatters can cause permanent damage or discoloration to your cabinets finish.

Should I polish or wax?

  • Neither! Your cabinets don’t require waxing and we don’t recommend it. Over time, waxing and polishing compounds may build up on cabinet surfaces forming a hazy appearance.

Do’s and Don’ts for cabinets:


  • Dust periodically, keep them clean by using a microfiber cloth
  • Use a mild dishwashing solution, 5% dishwashing liquid, 95% water
  • Always dry with a microfiber towel after cleaning
  • Maintain consistent temperature and humidity level in your home
  • Use drapes or blinds to shield cabinetry from direct sunlight
  • Use soap and water to clean door and drawer hardware and always dry with a microfiber towel after


  • Polish or wax
  • Drape damp dishtowels over cabinets
  • Clean laminates and high gloss materials in direct sunlight
  • Use any harsh detergents, strong soaps, multi-purpose cleaners
  • Use sponges or dish cloths
  • Use ammonia or bleach products
  • Use silicone-based products
  • Use brass or silver polishes for hardware